Cathedral - Lyrics

Am I alive, there's a fire in my head

This time I can't close my eyes so i'll hold my breath instead,

Holy eyes, is this failure by design?

Cathedrals of catharsis help us read between the lines

Im a sycophantic cynic full of apathetic panic 

Come alive, When all is said and done,

Chanting till the tide comes in, until my kingdom’s come,

Don’t close your eyes, just follow in my footsteps

We need a hymn tonight, as we pray for something more,

I don't mind that my angel hasn't come yet,

But I've got Devils at my door

I’m alive, there’s a halo in your eyes,

Would you let me sell my soul, there is no compromise

Read my mind, now we've set ourselves apart,

From all the faceless strangers dancing, dancing in the dark.