Circles - Lyrics


Call it a motive, call it a cure,

All of your demons, have kissed you before,

I lean on my shadow, to show me the sun,

A makeshift momentum, won’t fool anyone,

There’s no rest for the weary, let’s all play along, we’ve gotta play along

There’s no time like tomorrow, for me to get this wrong, let’s all play along


Lay yourself down

one day your hands are gonna break

it’s all that we can take


See me running in circles, as if our time runs out,

You’re a sucker for poets, but I’ve had my doubts

There’s no rest for the foolish, let’s all sing along, we’ve gotta play along


Every colour blends together, every silhouette a spectre, i know 

every a word is like razor, slipping through my fingers, i know